this seedling is a chancer
a dead drop acorn no seed dancer

true, there are trees in my heart already
Buton’s sheltering tree for chooks to claim a high, safe perch
Karte Seh, west Kabul, a sparrow tree, seasonal night refuge
Khartoum, midday shade for battling street dogs
Juba sparse, thorny shelter for roaming herds of goats

yet, trees are not just trees
and this would-be wanna-be
right here, has claimed a space
beside a Watson street,
eighteen metres of elbow-room, breathing-room
a 500 year window
where our suburb could come and go
sink back beneath leaf mulch and litter
dead branch habitat
the chancer, chancing, branching

Quercus rubra Red oaks are stately trees with fantastic shade and fall foliage. These magnificent trees, native to the east coast of North America, grow to be large trees averaging 75 feet tall and about 40 to 60 feet wide. This tree will require a lot of space and will likely live anywhere from 150 to 500 years.

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