Tall and round
A person with big hair
My friend sits there watching

Evergreen, even in drought
Roots extending below and wide
Drawing essential water
Retaining it, if needed or required

Discovered in 1848, Roma Queensland
Yet you’ve always been there
Not to be confused with the Boab
Your WA cousins

Living to over 150 years
Slow and steady
Trunks as high as 2 metres
From the hibiscus family

Special to me
As I see you at the Gardens
Greeting visitors at the entry
Waving, welcoming all

First time I saw you
Lining the main street of Roma
An odd sight at first
Yet unique, iconic

Mum and Dad walked beside me
Sun was rising
Town was still
A nice moment

So next time you see one, or two
Be sure to say “Hi!”
Place your hand on them
Embrace in a generous hug

© Samantha Faulkner, 2023.